Why pledge your support

Solve for a “big problem”
Until now, all of the talk of technology solving the world’s biggest problems have not delivered on the upside of the promise. Yes we have Facebook, IBM Watson, and space exploration but have we really solved the “big problems”? Exactly.
Join inaugural community 
While the leaders of The Human API are accelerating the creation of the industry, make no mistake about it, there is good to do, lots of it, and in addition money to be made. As the industry is defined and rules of engagement crystalized, the inaugural community stands to capture value with early commercial developments.
Give a gift to mankind
There is a point where our ambition converges with our passion, and our personality in the conference room matches our personality in our living rooms! When we reach that point in life, its time to think about giving back, its time to leave a legacy. You do not need anyone’s permission to change the world.

A subset of current supporters

Prevention Pledge Program (3P)

We are not seeking investments at this point.

What we are seeking is more thought leaders to be a part of the thinking, evangelizing, defining, describing, debating, agreeing, and publishing the necessary knowledge and model for the creating of a prevention marketplace.

The Prevention Pledge Program (3P) is simply this, thought leaders supporting the goals of The Human API organization. No monetary commitments, no legal shackles.

In addition, enterprises standing to make prevention products and services, and consumers of prevention products and services (patients/humans) are encouraged to reach out to us. One of the deliverables following the vocabulary, architecture and proof of concepts is a “demand illustration”. We will be aggregating potential consumers to illustrate the demand, so while you may not think of yourself as a thought leader to take the 3P pledge, please reach out to us as thinking of what products and services you may need in prevention is leading thought!

We need to help show the world the consolidated demand for prevention and early detection products and services.