derekcropFounder, M3 Media Group, Founder, IronHeart Technologies, Co-Founder, Tin Men Endurance Racing

As an entrepreneur and technologist, Derek has spent the last 15+ years creating successful tech companies that specialize in building solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. That experience served him well as he spent the last 10 years surviving Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, heart failure, and ultimately a heart transplant. By infusing his technology experience into his recovery, Derek was able to create his own patient-based care system, enabling him to take years off of his recovery regimen and return him to a level of health that has exceeded all expectations. Derek now dedicates his life toward helping others going through their own healthcare journeys.

Derek has been married for 13 years, has two dogs and a child on the way. When not speaking as an advocate for cancer research, heart health, and organ donation, he competes in endurance events and is the world’s only cancer survivor/heart transplant recipient to ever complete a full IRONMAN triathlon.