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why create an industry?

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 12.37.57 PMThere is no shortage of calls for prevention over cure.

But we know the prevention industry will not simply create itself. Don’t get us wrong, the destination is inevitable but the journey will be bumpy.

We do not have to look hard for an example of the future. Today our cars are better managers of their health than we humans are. Cars are now sensored with hundreds of listening devices recording, healing, reporting, crunching and reporting on the “health” of the car, constantly, and in ‘real-time’. As a result, cars can now “prevent” burn outs (cure based traumatic events) by summoning themselves to “service centers” instead of mechanic shops. You can think of the mechanic shop as the metaphorical primary care physician’s office of the car. The mechanic shop is now far less prevalent, and service centers are abundant.

The question is then, what do humans need?  We need to be able to listen to ourselves, to record our analog physiology, digitally. That future exists today. We need ‘lab-in-a-box’ capabilities to be able to test at home, and not rely on doctors to run tests. We need to create a stream of actionable data that can help provide insight about our health. We need better tools to receive and analyze those data to more accurately understand ourselves. We need to destroy the model of interrupted data. Our health care is too important to be so fragmented. We need to enhance our ability to perceive and understand the signals our bodies may provide so that we may actively and preventatively, manage ourselves, at least as well as our cars do! We need medicine that is specialized. We are all unique. We have unique bodies, physiologies, needs, goals, and expectations. Our health care must become as unique and personal as we all are.

Why is the industry simply not creating itself?

There currently is more economic value in cure over prevention. This is the current world we live in. But recognition of this simple fact is critical to our ability to successfully transcend it.
There is no marketplace for buyers of prevention products and services to demonstrate their intent and demand, to entice the enterprise to create prevention products and services. But if we build it, they will come.
Holistic Approach
Prevention is as much about behavioral psychology, ethics, and privacy as it is about analog medicine or digital information. We haven’t really pulled all of the pieces together to articulate how it “can work” both economically and morally.

As you can see, to create this future first requires radical outsider thinking, deliberate insider means, and a heterogeneous collection of forces to upset the ‘apple cart’ as it exists today. The Human API is both an evolutionary and a revolutionary force. We don’t expect to replace the current practice of health care, we expect to positively enhance it, by changing roles, and our approaches. By improving and enhancing the information we have available to us, by considering the patient and the system together.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)

Initial deliverables

1 Vocabulary
For any large global change to happen, we must agree and centralize on a thinking system, a target state of evolution, and the vocabulary and vernacular that we will operate within. To that end, the Human API will work with thought leaders to design, define, describe and deliver vocabulary needed to start the creation of an industry. We need to understand each other, and our objectives.
2 Visionaries
There are many bodies of work need to be accomplished, The Human API will aggregate visionaries globally, and set up the teaming and charter infrastructure to set the bodies of work in motion. From example, the psychology and ethics aspect of the industry will have to be articulated, and ratified by current governing mechanisms.
3 Marketplace
Currently, there are several disparate and heterogeneous efforts to aggregate mobile health companies, future health enablers, and general prevention-inclined organizations. Additionally, patient communities are in the infancy stages evidencing initial “demand signals” for a prevention marketplace. The Human API will aggregate and list both sides of the marketplace, as the global inventory of potential buyers and sellers of prevention.
4 Architecture
Without rules of engagement, an operating model, contracts and agreement within key stakeholders, a marketplace, and dependable and predictable information exchange no industry (or society) will operate. The organization will deliver the requirements, specifications, and descriptors to enable a marketplace where buyers and sellers of prevention can transact.
5 Pilots
Vocabulary and architecture will provide the framework to build the future. The Human API will work with clusters of organizations from medicine, academia, healthcare deliver, enterprise and innovation to deliver vertical proofs of concept for pre-selected prevention verticals.

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