Today our body’s analog
physiology is largely digital
Yet we have not been
able to move prevention forward
The question is how
do we create a prevention industry
And is life really better
replacing the verb "cure" with prevent

Prevention Industry

Accelerating prevention, one generation earlier.
The Human API exists to evangelize and articulate the future of preventative healthcare though the creation of common goals, a common language, and to create the active healthcare model of tomorrow.

Thought Leaders

A platform for global thought leaders in health care.
An initial group of 50 global thought leaders growing to a group of 250 from government, enterprise, academia and science, are defining the reference architecture and operational model for tomorrow's prevention marketplace.

Proofs of Concept

Working with the life sciences community to deliver POCs.
The Human API team will work with enterprises, medical and clinical groups, patient populations, regulators, payers, and technologists to create vertical proof of concepts, to coalesce the industry architecture.

Accelerate Progress

Enabling buyers and sellers to meet at a prevention marketplace.
The Human API organization is not a single product. The Human API is a force to create a vibrant prevention industry, enabled by a safe, secure, and value oriented 'prevention marketplace'.

Our commitment


The Prevention Industry will not just ‘happen’. It needs to be created.

Why this is important

We don’t expect this to be easy. We don’t expect it to be smooth or without risk and struggle. But the Human API is the first step in the creation of a holistic approach to the myriad industries, services and people required to bring the Prevention Industry to fruition.

The Human API will assemble experts from all walks of life. Biology, chemistry, clinical studies, medical delivery, medical adherence psychology, health ethics, medical device manufacture, medicine manufacture (Pharmaceuticals), regulatory bodies, information security experts, privacy advocates, and leading technologists will all work together within a common framework to achieve success.  The goal of the Human API is to accelerate the reality of early disease identification and information based health delivery models, reducing mankind’s dependence on cure-based medicine and health care delivery.

The Human API will debate, create, aggregate, and ratify standards for all components to be pulled together, delivering pilots and proof of concepts demonstrating the entire system of healthcare prevention.  Eventually, we will together, build companies and models enabling a true prevention based healthcare ecosystem.

How you can Help

Help Evangelize
The leaders of The Human API need you to help us spread the word. Use the concepts, tell the stories or invite us to speak, write or draw. Ask us questions. Help us to help you help everyone else realize the future of preventative healthcare. Please contact us. We need you to bring this future to reality.
Contribute Thought
There is little doubt that this is a big idea. It’s bigger than us. It’s bigger than any single person or group. No single person or company or industry will be able to conceive all of the parts of the industry. We need you to contribute your thought leadership and expertise. If you can contribute to the success of this model, lets conceive and  build something together.
Connect to Others
Whether it is establishing/publishing the common vernacular of the prevention industry, publishing the industry reference architecture, or working with other organizations to instantiate proof of concepts, connect with others as passionate as yourself in creating the Human API and the healthcare model of tomorrow, and we will connect you.